emiGloft - since 2004 the cult label from Tarifa

emiGloft - Unique bags, belts and Gelbörsen from Kite, Windsurf Sails and recycled

Our unique emiGloft bags, belts and wallets are made from scrapped and disused kites, windsurf sails and sails. Thus, it makes each piece an absolutely unique piece and is in no way a 2nd time available.

In the category of unique bags, you will find Messenger bags for job or college, small shoulder bags for the necessities of life and casual sports bags.
emiGloft belts and wallets, there is a classic design from different canvas or dacron laminates and unique recycled parts from kite and windsurf sail.

emiGloft since 2004, the cult label from Tarifa.

collars, harness and leashes you will find now at: emiG4dogs.com

Top Qualität since 2004
made in germany

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Our TOP-products

CB Gürtel black/black WH

CB Gürtel black/black WH
22,00 EUR

( Finalprice § 19 UStG. excl. Shipping costs )

Shipping time:  3-4 Days


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Kulturbeutel eule weiss/grau
Kulturbeutel eule weiss/grau
Specialprice 11,90 EUR
Finalprice § 19 UStG. excl. Shipping costs